Welcome to TLB, your new-age law firm. We’ve seen how traditional law firms do it and we didn’t like it. So we are doing it differently.

Very differently in fact.


It all started when...

the legal industry got too stuffy. Lawyers became too difficult to access, slow to respond and way too expensive.

Our motivation

The Law Boutique was founded because we wanted to take a different approach. We don't do law like most lawyers do - no bottomless pits of billable hours, no uncertain timelines, providing online legal support with no aversion to technology and most certainly, no 'legalese'.

Our method

Instead, we embrace technology to help us be leaner and quicker and we offer affordable fixed costs because as a startup in particular, you need to know what things cost. Once we start working with you, we employ a 'project mindset'. We commit to deliverables, set milestones and offer you real transparency so you know where you stand.

We like to keep it simple and that makes us quicker and cheaper - about half the price in fact. 

Our mindset

Above all, we are commercial. We understand that being a good lawyer doesn't mean stating the law in really complicated language. A good lawyer should help you achieve your business objectives by explaining what's possible, put the right measures in place to lower your risk and give you structure when you have the difficult job of making important decisions that can affect your business in the long-term. Our goal is to take the time to truly understand your business, what your objectives are and what challenges you're facing.

Our mantra

We aim to truly partner with you to help navigate the difficult journey of starting, running and succeeding in a new start up business venture.