This is our awesome team. Every one brings something different to the business and each and every one of us is passionate, committed and fully believes in our mission to change the face of law for good.

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Electra Japonas, CEO

Electra is the Founder of The Law Boutique. She has ten years of experience as an in-house lawyer, is a dual-qualified Cyprus Barrister and a Solicitor. She founded The Law Boutique because she wanted to change the way legal services are provided and make the industry more accessible to smaller companies and entrepreneurs.


Tessa Jones, COO

Tessa has been with The Law Boutique since November 2017, so pretty much from the get-go. After spending 4 years practising maritime law she took a break from traditional law firm life to do a Masters in Law and Technology, with a particular focus on Blockchain. She is now the Chief Operating Officer at The Law Boutique.

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Lauren Webb, Legal Analyst

Lauren recently graduated from her Masters degree in Intellectual Property Law. Lauren started working with us in early 2018 as an intern and has now joined us full-time as a Legal Analyst. Lauren has worked with startups in the past and she is passionate about helping small businesses protect themselves in the most efficient way possible.


Hilary Shack, Regulatory Change Practitioner

Hilary has over 30 years of experience working at Executive Director level in Financial Services, including Regulatory bodies, Investment Banks and Wealth Management and in multiple locations including London and New York.  


Emilia Powell, Operations and Events Manager

Emilia has over a decade of experience in operational planning, project management, budget management, event planning, and research and procurement services for industry leading organisations across sectors. She now helps The Law Boutique with its internal processes, client support and event planning.