Welcome to TLB, your new-age law firm. We’ve seen how traditional law firms do it and we didn’t like it. So we are doing it differently.

Very differently in fact.


law, your way

The Law Boutique was founded because we wanted to take a different approach. We are not your usual lawyers. We don't do law like most lawyers do - no bottomless pits of billable hours, no uncertain timelines, and most certainly, no 'legalese'.

We specialise in helping startups and as a startup ourselves, we know what exactly you need. We’ve helped over 200 startups already and our goal is to truly partner with you to help navigate the difficult journey of starting, running and succeeding in a new start up business venture.  No need to go it alone without a lawyer anymore, we’re here to help.



"The Law Boutique has helped elevate our business to the next level. From helping us manage our clients to high-level strategic advice through helping us comply and de-risking our business, The Law Boutique has been there and delivered every time"

Marton Gaspar, CEO of The Quarry


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