Ongoing Legal Support

Ongoing Legal Support

150.00 every month

We act as your in-house lawyer. Ideal for small to medium sized enterprises that need regular legal support on a monthly basis.

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£150 + VAT A MONTH

Need ongoing legal support but can't afford expensive retainers or a full-time in-house lawyer? We can help.

What does our Ongoing Legal Support include?

  • Unlimited legal queries

  • Access to our bank of 100+ contract templates, legal documents and policies (upon request)

  • 1 hour of hands-on legal support per month, which rolls over if unused or topped up flexibly if you need more.

What can I use the time for?

You can use your hour for any legal support that you need, including:

  • Legal queries

  • Contract review

  • Drafting legal documents and contracts

  • Reviewing correspondence / emails

  • General legal advisory and tailored support

If you have a bank of 100+ legal documents, why don’t you just give us access to them so we can self-serve?

We have seen so many issues arise with people using the wrong template or not understanding it properly when they sign it that we feel that off-the-shelf templates without the legal advice, can actually cause more harm than good. For this reason, we have decided that it is more responsible of us if we first ‘diagnose’ your needs and then offer you the right template with guidance on what you need to consider before you complete it.

How far does one hour go?

In true lawyer fashion, we’re going to say… it depends. In general terms though, a straight-forward 20 page contract takes around an hour to review. Writing a simple letter or email correspondence can take between 30 minutes to an hour and drafting a simple policy or contract can take around an hour too.

For more complex work such as negotiation, settling disputes and liaising with third parties on your behalf, it is hard to tell how long it will take as it largely depends on the other side.

Having said that, one hour of our time goes a lot further than a traditional lawyer’s time. With our agile processes, plain English policy, tech-enabled back office and overall modern approach to the law, we get things done quickly and efficiently without the pain.

Do I really need this?

The reason The Law Boutique was set up was to make legal services more accessible.

Having access to a lawyer to ask questions when you need to, get a risk assessment on the documents you are regularly asked to sign or just to put your mind at ease when you feel uncomfortable about a decision you are being asked to make can be invaluable to your business.

How does it work?

Quite simply:

  1. Sign up through our website and subscribe for a miminum of 6 months

  2. Book a FREE Discovery Call with us so that we can get to know your business better (this won’t eat into your time, it’s free)

  3. Use us as your in-house lawyer

If you no longer need us after the minimum 6 month subscription period, just cancel your direct debit. No cancellation fees, no notice period, just flexible, affordable and simple legal support as and when you need it.