You're nailing it

The moment you start scaling, is the moment your decisions start having more of an impact on the future of your business. When you're in start-up mode, you can be really agile and make changes quickly if things go wrong. Once you start scaling, that agility is reduced.

For example, if someone else starts using your name, you won't be able to change your whole branding if you can't reach an agreement and if you haven't got a registered trade mark, you've got a hard battle on your hands. If your employees don't have the right contracts in place (see Uber) that could have a monumental impact on your business. Equally, if your co-founder walks off with half your company, you'll have no leg to stand on. And don't get us started on GDPR fines and potential reputational damage. 

If you've got to this stage, risking it all is madness and we know from experience getting proper legal support is not a 'nice-to-have', it is imperative. Let us help. 


Sort out your website needs as well as the most important internal policies with this simple packaged solution. 


You've chosen a name, registered a domain and your logo is on point. Protect it. 

FOUNDERS' PACK (£1,400 + VAT) 

For co-founders, company directors and shareholders.



For employers and their employees or freelancers.